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James McKay, recognised internationally as a leading authority on ferrets James McKay, director of the company, is recognised internationally as a leading authority on ferrets and their uses in industry and agriculture.  With worldwide experience of ferrets, James – a zoologist – has written many books on the subject.

We have a small stock of the following books written by James and all books can be signed and/or personalised.  Please ensure you supply full details.

If you are interested in obtaining any of these books, personally signed by James, then please contact us.

book-ferret breeding.jpgFERRET BREEDING

A Modern Scientific Approach

Published in 2006, this book contains all the information necessary to consistently breed top class ferrets for work, show, racing or pets.

Contents include;

  • The principles of ferret breeding
  • Basic genetics
  • The biology and physiology of the ferret
  • Specialised housing
  • Choice of parents
  • Planning and establishing breeding programmes
  • Line breeding, inbreeding and outcrosses
  • Care, feeding and nutrition of parents and kits
  • Ferret diseases and ailments

This book is the only one to cover this topic in depth, and deserves a place on every ferret breeder’s bookshelf.

NEW & UNUSED – £15 including P&P

book-ferreting handbook.jpgThe FERRET and FERRETING HANDBOOK

James' first book on ferrets and ferreting, but still ranked as a really good book on the subject.  Published in 1989, and at the time hailed as the best book on “modern ferreting”, the contents are now slightly dated, but accurately reflect the accepted methods and thinking of the time.  Many people regard this book as one that deserves to be in every ferreter’s book collection.

Contents include;

  • The origins of the ferret
  • Selection of stock
  • Housing
  • Feeding and nutrition
  • The European rabbit
  • Working methods and equipment
  • Using ferrets with dogs and guns
  • Ratting
  • Ferret ailments, illnesses and first aid
  • Legal aspects
  • Ferret racing
  • Ferrets as pets

Without doubt, the best book ever written on the subject.  James McKay is someone who really knows ferrets, and this gives the reader a comprehensive insight as to how ferrets should be properly cared for, bred and worked.

Shooting & Conservation Magazine

USED but in good condition – £20 including P&P

book-complete guide to ferrets.jpgThe NEW COMPLETE GUIDE to FERRETS

A complete must for anyone who wants to own a ferret – especially those who feel they know everything already!

The Countryman’s Weekly

This book (published in 2012) is a complete re-write and update of James' original “Complete Guide to Ferrets” and is still considered to be the best book on the market for anyone – from beginner to seasoned ferreter – who keeps and works ferrets.

Contents include;

  • The Selection of stock
  • Housing
  • Handling, taming and training
  • Feeding and nutrition
  • Breeding
  • Working, including methods and equipment
  • Showing, racing and pets
  • Ferret diseases and ailments; their treatment and prevention
  • Ferret first aid

Illustrated throughout with great colour photographs and diagrams to make for easy understanding, the book is an essential guide for everyone keeping ferrets, from beginner to seasoned ferreter.

Sporting Shooter

This book has obviously been written by a ferreter who has a vast amount of experience, and covers every aspect of ferreting and ferret care that you could possibly need.  An absolute must for any prospective or existing ferret owner, no matter how experienced.

Shooting Times

NEW & UNUSED – £15 including P&P